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All Rabbits will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

**Please note that all of our rabbits are available for adoption as indoor pets only, we will not adopt to those who house outdoors**

For St. Louis adoptable rabbits, just follow (click) the white rabbit.

Scroll down to see bunnies who are currently in our Kansas City foster care system , waiting to be adopted into a loving, indoor home. If you would like to meet any of them, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com or call 816-356-3900.  We have also listed a few bunnies here who are not in the foster system, but whose caretakers need to find homes for them.  If you are interested in adopting a companion rabbit, please read our "10 Things to Think About Before Adopting a Rabbit". We charge an adoption fee of $75.00 per rabbit that is used to cover the cost of having the rabbit spayed or neutered.

Sterling is learning to trust people after being taken in by the Missouri House Rabbit Society. She loves to be pet if you approach her slowly and let her know you're going to pet her, she plays with all kinds of toys, and she thoroughly enjoys her oatmeal - jumping on top of her hidey box to get to it!
If you would like to meet Sterling, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Abby & Hawkeye
Abby, a small black-and-white Dutch, is a very happy and energetic bunny who loves attention and affection. She was found under a trailer in the snow after her owners let her loose when they moved. After being rescued, she learned to love eating her greens and being pet - and to kiss the ankle that feeds and pets her! Hawkeye is a rambunctious little guy who loves to run, show his towel who's boss, and throw cardboard tubes as far as he can. This former lab bunny also enjoys his daily relaxation massage, "melting" into the floor before he realizes he's been "hypnotized." This pair is now BONDED!
If you would like to meet Abby and Hawkeye, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com


Violet is one of Betty's 9 babies and is a very sweet girl. She runs to greet anyone who approaches close enough to pet her. She likes to hang out on top of her plastic castle toy and enjoys chewing up cardboard boxes and tossing her wire ball toy. She is looking for a male companion bunny and loving forever home to share her outgoing and wonderful personality with.
If you would like to meet Violet, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com.


Bao Bao (which means Treasure) is the name of this sweet boy who is one of Betty's babies. His foster parent has done a great job of socializing him and Bao Bao is very affectionate especially when a piece of banana is near. He loves to run around fast and is often "jumping for joy." He's a happy boy, who is very curious and likes to check out things in his surroundings. When he roams around the house, he likes to "taste" things gently but doesn't chew. He will come looking for affection and loves to have his head and ears rubbed however he does not like to be picked up. Bao Bao is very good with his litterbox. He's a very good boy, super clean, smart, expressive, and affectionate who is looking for a female bunny companion and loving forever home.
If you would like to meet Bao Bao, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com.

Dixie & Bunnydict Cabbagepatch
Dixie (Harlequin multicolored bunny) and Bunnydict Cabbagepatch or Benny for short (white bunny) are sister and brother and 2 of Betty's babies. They love each other and want to stay together as a bonded pair. Dixie will let you pet her if she is in her house, but otherwise is too busy to stop for attention. She is very curious and loves to explore. Dixie enjoys climbing and you will find her on top of her house, the chair or sofa! She loves her veggies and will let you know when her bowls are empty by moving them around. Dixie also loves to chew anything she finds like cardboard, wood, paper. She does startle easily, so she would be best with older children who could learn to move slowly and quietly around her. Benny loves to be out of his house and will give his sister bunny kisses. You will need to earn his trust before he will let you pet him. He is fun to watch as he races around! He also loves to chew on cardboard and wood, and will pull anything near his house inside to chew on. These bunnies are in a foster home with a cat and are not afraid of it.
If you would like to meet Dixie and Bunny, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Kate & Dandy
Dandy (white bunny) is one of Betty's babies. He is very outgoing and friendly. He loves to play with his toys an enjoys eating his veggies and hay. His sister Kate (brown bunny) is a little spitfire who loves to be petted on the ears. She likes to be approached slowly, but once she knows you is very friendly. She enjoys her hay and also loves broccoli and play time. Dandy and Kate have bonded and are ready to join your home as a loving brother/sister pair.
If you would like to meet Kate & Dandy, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Bella was born in Dec. 2013 and is one of Betty's babies. She is very cute with facial markings of a Dutch rabbit and a body of gorgeous reddish brown. She is getting used to being petted and does not like being picked up. She loves eating veggies and fruit and is not a picky eater. She is funny to watch - very playful and loves to stretch out when she lays down. She is not afraid of noise. She loves to play with willow balls and is full of energy! Bella would love to meet a nice bunny boy and get hitched. She is around children age 6 and older in her foster home.
If you would like to meet Bella, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Betty is a sweet bunny and likes to be petted. She really likes back rubs or massages. She does not like to be picked up. Betty enjoys chewing on cardboard or wooden toys. She has taken good care of the 9 babies she had after she was rescued but she is ready to move on, find a male companion bunny and start her new life.
If you would like to meet Betty, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

This is Peanut. He was born on December 3, 2013. He has a quirky personality. He is a playful and happy little boy who loves to spend time with his brother and sisters and with his human family too. He is a big fan of carrots, romaine lettuce, apples and Apple crisp treats. He has been eating alfalfa hay and is transitioning over to timothy hay. Peanut is ready to go to His forever home. He will make some Family very happy.
If you would like to meet Peanut, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

This is Patches or Patchy. He goes by either one. Patchy is a fun little guy with a lot of energy. He is simply curious about everything in his world. He loves his brother and sisters and his mom too but, would love to have a home of his own. He enjoys carrots, apples and spinach. He is not as big a hay eater as his other siblings but, still enjoys having it at his disposal. He is waiting for a forever family of his very own.
If you would like to meet Patches, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

This is Thumper. He is father to Patches, Peanut and Ethel. Thumper is very shy and is just starting to come out of his shell. We do not know what his life was like before us. He may have been abused. We have had him for months now and he has not really shown anything but, fear towards everyone. He does liven up when out of the cage. He loves to check out his surroundings. He loves carrots, apples and hay and will eat romaine lettuce but, does not seem to love it. He will eat spinach. Thumper is looking for a patient person who can spend time with him and bring him out of his shell.
If you would like to meet Thumper, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Ebony & Thistle
Ebony and Thistle are two young male siblings who are bonded. They are about 5 months old. Ebony is a Lionhead. Thistle is the friendlier of the two, but they will both warm up to you after they get to know you. Ebony has long hair so he will need to be brushed at least once a week to prevent matting. They love to run around outside their pen and explore every corner. They have both been neutered and are ready for a new family who will give them a great home.
If you would like to meet Ebony & Thistle, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Sully & Hazel
Sully and Hazel are a bonded pair that were rescued from a Kansas City park in 2013. The good Samaritan that rescued them was unaware that they could multiply so quickly, and so they had two babies, Ebony and Thistle, which are also up for adoption. They love to explore and play with their toys. They like to be petted and scratched and will become your biggest fans if you give them their favorite treats twice a day. They are looking for a forever home with a loving family who will keep them inside.
If you would like to meet Sully & Hazel, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Linus & Opal

Linus and Opal are a bonded pair. Linus and Opal were kept side by side at their foster home until Linus got into Opal's pen one night and instantly fell in love. Since bonding usually takes weeks to months, their foster mom was thrilled, to say the least. Linus has had several homes already and Opal was released in a Kansas City park. They both have had a rough start but are doing great now. Linus is very friendly and enjoys being held. Opal is more shy and also enjoys attention. They make a great couple and need a family that appreciates their personalities and will give them a loving forever home.
If you would like to meet Linus & Opal, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com


Captain is a snow white baby boy lop. He is small now and we expect will continue to grow. He was rescued while running at large by a caring good Samaritan. He is extremely sweet, interactive, and well behaved. He likes to hang out with the kids in his foster family while they watch tv, or with his foster mom while she has coffee. He is great with everyone! He is completely litter box trained. He likes to explore new toys, people, and objects in his pen, or while hopping around our playroom. He is not skiddish, he is very trusting. He is the perfect house rabbit!!
If you would like to meet Captain, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Maple & Roscoe

Maple (white with brown spots) and Roscoe are a bonded pair of bunnies looking for their forever home and happy ending. They have been adopted out then came back when there was a landlord change with their adoptive family and the family could no longer keep them. Maple is a busy girl and has definite opinions about where she wants her things. Roscoe is more laid back and says 'Whatever, Maple!'.
If you are interested in helping this pair find a forever stable home, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com


Silver is extremely affectionate and enjoys any attention, although sometimes he gets spooked a little at first when new people come around. He even likes being held for short periods. Silver gets excited about treats and is so appreciative he licks the hand that gives him the treats! He is looking for a female companion bunny and a loving family.
If you would like to meet Silver, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Big Al and Annie

Albus (male) also known as Big Al and Annie (female) are a brother/sister pair that came from a hoarding situation. They are bonded and will be adopted out together so they can continue to play and snuggle together. They enjoy their veggies, running around in the play pen, and chewing & tossing their toys. This active pair is about 6 months old and need lots of attention and affection. They will continue to grow and be large bunnies. They have been recently neutered and spayed and are ready to find a forever home.
If you would like to meet Big Al and Annie, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com

Astro & Georgie

Astro and Georgie are a brother/sister pair that were born after the rescue of their mother from being raised for food. They are beautiful Harlequin bunnies. With extremely calm personalities, Astro and Georgie could not be sweeter. Both interact well with young children and well-behaved dogs. Astro is the more active and outgoing of the two and is always ready to run and play. Georgie is usually content to lounge about, but her playful side comes out often. They are both inquisitive and love attention and being involved in activities around the home. Astro and Georgie are an amazing pair and would be a lovely addition to any household.
If you would like to meet Astro and Georgie, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com.

Hoppy & Ginger

These two adorable babies were born the night their momma bunny was rescued from fending for herself outside. The wonderful good samaritan that rescued her kept the momma bunny and her 4 babies until they were old enough to be neutered and spayed and adopted out. These are two of the babies that have bonded with each other - the male is Hoppy and the female is Ginger. Hoppy loves affection and will let you hold him for a long period of time. Ginger is very adventurous. These two sweethearts are ready to find a forever loving home like the rest of their rescued family has.
If you would like to meet Hoppy and Ginger, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com.

Elleka, Mitten & Bashful
Elleka and her companions were released by their owners to fend for themselves. The other bunny was killed by a neighborhood dog then a good samaritan contacted the House Rabbit Society and we took the surviving bunny. Two weeks later she had 5 babies. They are all adorable and sweet and in some way the bunny who lost his life will be remembered through these baby bunnies he fathered. Two of the babies are staying with mama. Elleka, Mitten (boy with white foot), and Bashful (girl, all black) will be adopted as a trio.
If you would like to meet Elleka and her babies, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com.
Harvey & Bonnie

Harvey (white bunny) was found in the parking lot of a Northland apartment complex, left to fend for himself in the July heat. He was rescued by a good samaritan who made sure he was safe and cared for. He is a sweet, curious, and playful bunny, who loves attention and snuggling on his blanket. Bonnie (black bunny) was taken in by a good Samaritan who found her wandering outside trying to survive. She was named by her good Samaritan's 2 year old son who could not pronounce 'Bunny' so was calling her 'Bonnie'. We are proud to keep that name in recognition of this wonderful person who took in a defenseless bunny. Bonnie is loving and enjoys toys and playtime. This wonderful bunny couple are currently being bonded and are looking for a loving forever home.
If you would like to meet Harvey and Bonnie, please contact us at hrsmissouri@aol.com